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Weather data for Westhampton MA.  Forecast values begin September 18, 2018
Preliminary McIntosh Harvest Date Forecasts
CAUTION:  The estimates shown below are appropriate for long-term planning only.  Harvest decisions should only be made on basis of direct orchard observations.  Accuracy of these apple maturity estimates can vary between orchards and between years in a single orchard. 
Harvest date estimates are based on temperature observations from the first 30 days after Full bloom.  Estimates for this location are based on incomplete data until Sunday, June 10.
      To delay single pick harvest up to 7 to 10 days, apply ReTain 21 to 28 days prior to beginning of expected harvest date for untreated fruit. 
      To delay fruit maturity and improve storage potential of later picked apples (2nd, 3rd, 4th picks), apply ReTain 7 to 14 days prior to beginning of expected harvest date for untreated fruit.  This later timing will not delay the start of harvest (1st pick), but will delay maturity for later picks.

Date to apply ReTain to delay first harvest for apples which without treatment would be ready for storage harvest on September 5 is from
Wednesday August 8  to  August 15

Date to apply ReTain to delay maturity for 2nd, 3rd or 4th pick of those apples,
without delaying start of harvest maturity, is from  
Wednesday, August 22  to  August 29
Begin measuring actual McIntosh starch-iodine index no later than
Wednesday, August 22
    The McIntosh maturity date estimate shown below is a preliminary, early-season forecast and in no way a substitute for starch index and other direct observations as harvest nears.
The Michigan formula estimates that non-spur McIntosh will reach starch index 4.0 and start the optimum harvest window for long term storage on
Wednesday, September 5.   
    Cornell Bulletin 221 provides formulas for different locations to estimate date when
non-spur McIntosh not treated with ReTain will reach starch index 6.0 and the end of the optimum harvest window for long term storage.
Using the Central NY formula,
McIntosh maturity is forecast to reach starch index 6.0 in
 Westhampton MA on Wednesday,  September 19