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Key Dates for European Red Mites

Estimated hatch date of overwintered European red mite (ERM) eggs
and decline in efficacy of suppression by prebloom oil is
Friday, April 28
Optimum monitoring period for 1st generation ERM: 
  Saturday, May 13 (Petal Fall)
to  Wednesday, May 24 (early adults ready to lay eggs for 2nd generation)
Optimum monitoring period for 2nd generation ERM: 
  Friday, June 9 (nymphs hatched)
to  Monday, June 12 (egglaying starts for 3rd generation)
Optimum monitoring period for 3rd ERM generation is: 
  Friday, June 23 (nymphs hatched)
to  Wednesday, June 28 (egglaying starts for 4th generation)