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Weather data for Easthampton MA.  Forecast values begin May 31, 2018
Potential preharvest weather influences on
Storability, Preharvest Drop, Color, and Storage scald risk
Estimates begin August 10 about possible effect of either below normal temperature
or hot and dry weather during August and September on fruit storage risk.
The McIntosh 10% drop date is only estimated after the date
of starch index at 3.5 to 4.5 is reported.
Date of first optimum weather for fruit coloring
is not estimated until date McIntosh expected to reach starch index 4.0 is within forecast range.
Too few chilling hours to reduce storage scald.  Cumulative chill hours not displayed until September 1.
Date Estimated cumulative chilling hours below 50 F
(threshold is 165 for reduced scald risk)
Interpretation of
accumulated chilling hours
  too early for estimate